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Tournament Rules and Regulations

Updated 1/24/20

We will hold boat launch number draws every Friday evening after 7 PM before the tournament either at a membership meeting or via Facebook Live on the clubs private page.

1. All tournaments will follow New York State (applicable state) size and creel limits.
2. All local laws and speed limits are to be observed.
3. Teams must hold a Canadian fishing license and follow Canadian fishing regulations when fishing in Canadian water. However, anglers may operate their boat and transport fish through Canadian water without a Canadian license.


1.Only one Sub allowed per tournament season, will count towards classic and cash award, but not total points for T.O.Y.  *special circumstances must be brought attention to Tournament Committee for decisioning. Guest announcement would have to be in by 7pm on Friday and must contact a member of Tournament committee for approval.
2. Help your partner launch and retrieve his boat. Clean up after yourself!
2. Respect your partner's boat and equipment. Remember to return anything borrowed.
3. Clean your feet before boarding a boat. Be mindful of drinks, food, cigarettes, fish scents, baits, tackle, etc.
4. Participants may leave the boat at anytime for R&R .
5. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited during the tournament hours.
6. Be courteous/patient with other boaters/ fisherman at the boat launch.
7. Help your partner land fish when asked to do so.
8. All anglers will maintain a 25 yard radius between other anglers.

9. ONLY artificial baits will be used during practice and tournaments.
Pork Rind is the ONLY exception.
10. All pre-fishing will end at the stroke of midnight preceding any tournament. Unless otherwise stated.
11. No littering on any body of water will be tolerated.
12. Only one rod may be used per fisherman at any one time.

1. Possession of undersized fish is a direct violation of New York State Fish & Game Laws.

Any fish measured under 12’’s during weigh in will be disqualified from overall limit.
2. Culling a dead fish from your live well for any reason

3. All culling of fish must be concluded by end of tournament hours.
4. Failure to use a kill switch on any watercraft equipped with a 35hp. motor or larger.
5. Failure to wear a securely fastened personal flotation device (PFD) whenever the large combustion engine is operating.
6. Failure to return to the designated tournament ending site on-time will result in an 8oz penalty for each minute late. This penalty will be assessed to the boater and non-boater. Anglers that arrive at a tournament after the launch time may still fish the remainder of the tournament with-out penalty.
7. Anyone caught adding to or altering a fish in any manner.
8. The use of any electronic communication device with the intent to send or receive fishing related information is prohibited during the scheduled tournament hours.
9. The tournament committee, at their discretion, may excuse any team at anytime from their tournament obligation. Absences unexcused by the tournament committee will result in a disqualification and it counts towards your best 5 tournaments.
10. Disqualifications can-not be counted as a dropped tournament.

*All infractions and complaints must be brought to the attention of a Tournament Committee Member immediately upon returning to the boat launch. The Tournament Committee will review the complaint and determine if a violation has occurred and will render a decision at that time.
* All Tournament Committee decisions are final and will be announced by the Tournament Director.

1. Each tournament will end at a specified time per the tournament schedule, At this time, all anglers must be off plane at the designated sight with all fishing lines out of the water.

*time of tournament can be adjusted day off due to weather delays.
2. All anglers should assist in the retrieving of all boats.
3. The weigh-in will be started by the Tournament Committee only.
4. Each team may weigh-in, the specified limit of bass for that tournament, fulfilling the minimum length requirements as set forth by New York State fish & game laws.
5. All fish must be brought to the scales in a tournament bag with water. Any fish not brought to the scale in a bag will not be weighed.
6. All fish must have cull tags removed prior to the weigh-in.
7. A 8oz dead fish penalty will be deducted from the angler's total weight for that tournament.
8. Each team's fish should be weighed in before cleaning/organizing of boat and tackle.
9. Non-surviving fish will be saved for consumption.


1. Entry fee is $60 per tournament
2. All fees and cash awards will be determined by the sitting

tournament committee.
3. If any team wants to run an extra lunker or special pool must make it known at the beginning of the tournament day.

     1. Individual Tournaments:
1st place: Cash award & trophy

2nd place: Cash Award

3rd place: Cash award


2. Point Standings:
1st place: Trophy
2nd place Trophy
3rd place Trophy

Lunker of the year: Trophy
 total heaviest weight for 5 tournaments: trophy


3. Classic tournament:
1st place Trophy & Cash Award
2nd place Trophy, Cash Award
3rd place Trophy, Cash Award

1st place - 50pts 11thplace -18pts 21stplace - 5pts
2nd place - 44pts 12thplace -16pts 22ndplace - 4pts
3rd place - 39pts 13thplace -14pts 23rdplace - 3pts

4th place - 35pts 14thplace -12pts 24thplace - 2pts
5th place - 32pts 15thplace- 11pts 25thplace - 1pt
6th place - 29pts 16thplace -10pts
7th place - 26pts 17thplace - 9pts
8th place - 24pts 18thplace - 8pts
9th place - 22pts 19thplace - 7pts
10thplace -20pts 20thplace - 6pts

* 4 points will be awarded for the largest bass caught at each tournament. (Lunker)
* Teams will receive points for the position that they finished in each tournament as long as they have weighed in at least one legal fish and finished in 25th place or higher.
* No participation points or trophies will be awarded at each tournament.
* Team of the Year will be the team at the end of the year with the highest point's total.
* Highest points total will be the best 5 tournaments combined.

In the event of a tie for any aforementioned category the following scheme shall be applied:

Team of the year:
1st tiebreaker - Advantage to the team with the highest total weight for 5 tournaments counted towards points.
2nd tiebreaker - Advantage to the team with the highest one tournament total weight counted towards points.

Individual and Classic Tournament:
In the event of a tie after a tournament weigh-in, said team will be awarded the points of the highest place that they finish. However, subsequent finish places will be eliminated depending on the number of teams tied. The classic tournament tiebreaker will be the team with the one heaviest fish.


 For 2021, a team must fish at least 5 tournaments to qualify to fish for the Classic Pot. 

Classic tournament does not count as the 5th counted tournament for the classic pot.

Classic winnings will be made up of 10% of each regular season pot, and 10% of each open season pot.

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