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Club By-Laws

Article I - Name and Purpose


Section I - Name
This chapter shall be called Western New York Bassmasters Team Trail

Section II - Purpose
To stimulate public awareness of bass fishing as a major sport. To offer public officials engaged in conservation work our constructive support. To promote full adherence to all conservation codes, to demand adequate water standards and enforcement of conservation laws. To improve our skills as bass anglers through fellowship and friendly exchange of techniques and ideas, and to promote and encourage youth fishing and a love for this great resource.


Article II - Membership

Section I - Number of Members and Categories of Membership
To become a general member, a person must be 18 years of age or older shall:
A. Voluntarily express an interest in membership to a club member (contact)
B. Be sponsored by a member
C. Complete a membership application and submit it to the Chairman of the Board.
D. Upon notification of an opening, the prospective member must, prior to the vote:
     1. Attend two meetings or one club function and one meeting
     2. Pay first year dues of $40.00 per person. Dues will be refunded to individuals
         not accepted.
E. The 45 team limit and/or age requirements will be waived for:
1. Team members can include 1 person under 18: as long as they are accompanied by an immediate family member.
2. Prior members who left membership in good standing.
3. Those applying for general membership under the provisions of this part shall meet all other membership requirements.
F. Any new members voted into the club are probationary. The probationary period will be for one year from the date they are voted into the club. If at the end of that one year period no problems have been raised by a general member of the club then the probationary member automatically becomes a full member. If a problem has come up then at the next meeting we will have a silent (majority rules) vote to see if the probationary member is to become a full member.

Section II - 1. Waiver, and then, 2. Chronological order of receipt.

All applications will be presented to the membership in the order of:
A. The chairman of the Board of Directors, the sponsor, and the general member(s) participating in the activity shall make a recommendation to the voting membership regarding the applicant. Affirmation must be 2/3 of the members present and voting. Method of voting will be by secret ballot. The results of the election will be conveyed to the prospective member by the president prior to the next meeting.

*in peculiar situations such as civil war/pandemic board of directors have vote to accept membership.
B. Prior to the next meeting, the membership will be advised by mail by the secretary, of the name and address of each new member. The names of any applicants to be voted on at the next meeting will also be communicated.

Section III - Dues
Membership dues for general and senior members shall be $40.00 annually and are payable by the 1st of March.


Section IV - Membership

A.) Senior members are former general members who have been nominated and approved by 90% vote of membership (absentee ballots allowed) and have been with the club for 12 years and have held office for 5 years, and be 50 years of age. The progression must go from general member to a senior member, then senior retired member. (Minimum 1 year between senior member and senior retired member)

1. Senior members are exempt from attendance requirements, but must pay dues and tournament fees.

2. Senior retired members are former senior members that have been nominated, and members must have been with the club for 12 years and have held office for 5 years, and be 60 years of age. Senior retired members must be retired from full time work and are exempt from attendance requirements. Senior retired members are exempt from yearly dues (but not exempt from tournament fees).

3. The officers or directors of the chapter shall announce Section IV honors at the appropriate time.


Article III - Officials, Duties, & Elections

Section I - Officers and their duties:
A. President - Preside over all meetings and supervise all club functions. Direct official business and appoint and direct committee functions.
B. Vice President - Act as Program Chairman, assist the president in his duties and preside in the absence of the president.
C. Secretary - Maintain accurate minutes for all meetings, keep attendance records, make club mailings.
D. Treasurer - Maintain accurate financial records, make transactions and report at each meeting, make a recommendation each year for the amount of the annual dues.
E. Sergeant of Arms - Responsible for the disposition and inventory of club property, assists the officers in their duties.

Section II - Directors and their duties
A. Directors - There shall be 4 directors elected by the membership, one of whom shall be elected as Chairman by the directors themselves. Directors, with the chapter officers, shall consider chapter policies and activities and advise membership. They shall hear all complaints and make recommendations as necessary. They shall advise and assist the officers in the performance of their duties. They shall act as a hearing board for the membership and with the officers discuss details of the chapter business and make recommendations to the membership.
B. Chairman of the Board of Directors - Is elected by the directors. Acts as membership Chairman and enacts Article II. Calls meetings of officers and directors as required and presides at such meetings.

C.  Board of directors should meet twice a year once before tournament season begins and at     

conclusion of tournament season.

    Section III - Tournament

The tournament committee shall consist of 4 members. All 4 members will be elected by the general membership from the nominations. Tournament chairman will be selected by the 4 members of tournament committee and he shall represent the committee and vote at meetings of officers and directors.  All nominated members must have fished a minimum of three (3) tournaments the previous season. The tournament committee shall establish the chapters tournament schedule and awards utilizing the advice of the membership, directors, and officers. Tournament rule changes are subject to the same process as by-law change (Article IV)


Section IV - Elections
The election of officers, directors and tournament committee shall be held annually at the November membership meeting. Election shall be by a majority of the members voting with absentee ballots permitted. Nominations for elected positions shall be first made at the October meeting and shall remain open until the vote for the particular position is taken. Voting for elected positions shall take place in the order that they are listed in sections I, II, III of this article.
Section V - Eligibility to vote and hold office
To be eligible for an elected position, a general member must have completed at least one year of membership with the chapter. A general or senior member must maintain an active interest in the chapters well being by setting an example for the rest of the membership. Each general or senior member is entitled to one vote. Absentee votes are permitted. Absentee votes must be made to the club secretary at least one day prior to the general membership meeting when the vote will be held.

Section VI - Term of office
The term of office is for one year which shall begin on January 1st of each year. However, in instances where the elected treasurer is a new individual, the term of the incumbent treasurer shall be extended to January 31st to facilitate the fiscal year provision of Article VII. No restrictions on term limits for officer positions.

Section VII - Vacancies
In the event of an office becoming vacant with more than three months unexpired, nominations shall be asked for and an election held for that office. The president may appoint someone to an office with less than three months to serve.

Article IV - By-Law Amendments

The by-laws may be amended in the following fashion:
A. The proposed amendment must be presented to the membership at least one general membership meeting prior to the vote.
B. The secretary shall advise each member by e-mail/mail/phone of the proposed change prior to the meeting when the amendment will be voted on.
C. 2/3 vote of the members voting will be required for approval. Each general or senior member is entitled to one vote. Absentee votes are permitted. Absentee votes must be made to the club secretary at least one day prior to the general membership meeting when the vote will be held.


Article V - Removal from Membership

A member shall be dropped from the chapter roster for:

A. Failure to pay dues.
B. Failure by a general member to attend at least three meetings per year.
C. A general, senior of honorary member may be removed from membership for any action which reflects dishonor or disgrace on the chapter or any of its members. Allegations of such actions shall be brought to the Board of Directors who shall follow due process in determining if such allegations warrant a removal vote by the membership. This decision will be made by board of directions.  Must have complaint filed anonymously by general membership to board of directions and will be voted on board of directors. Each general or senior member is entitled to one vote. Absentee votes are permitted. Absentee votes must be made to the club secretary at least one day prior to the general membership meeting when the vote will be held.


Article VII - Funds

The treasurer shall handle all the chapters funds and transactions. Chapter funds shall be banked under the name “Western New York Bassmasters.” The chapters fiscal year is from February 1st thru January 31st. The chairman of the board of directors shall be responsible for conducting an audit at the end of each fiscal year. In the absentee of the treasurer, the president may act in his place. The president may authorize routine expenditures of $50.00 or less. The board of directors and officers may together authorize individual expenditures of $100.00 or less. Any expenditures authorized by the president or directors and officers shall be individually reported by the treasurer at the next monthly meeting. All expenditures over $100.00 must be approved by a majority vote of the membership.

Board of directors may choose to allow free membership or cover federation dues for officer positions.

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